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Hamlets Madness Essay - 1648 Words

Hamlets Madness Is Hamlet Mad? Not Likely. Madness is a condition of the mind which eliminates all rational thought leaving an individual with no proper conception of what is happening around him/her. Madness typically occurs in the minds of individuals that have experienced an event or series of events that their mind simply cannot cope with and, thus, to avoid their harsh reality, they fall into a state of madness. In William Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet, there is much debate around the protagonist, Hamlet, and whether or not his madness in the play was real or feigned. It was a disastrous time in the prince, Hamlet’s life as his father had just passed away, his uncle then took the kingship and wed Hamlet’s mother, then the†¦show more content†¦His feigned madness permitted Hamlet to express these emotions freely towards Ophelia: â€Å"...Get thee to a nunnery, / farewell. Or if thou wilt needs marry, marry a / fool; for wise men know well enough what monsters / you make of them...† (3.1.138-41). It was also important for Hamlet to be so vulgar towards Ophelia because it would not have been possible for him to continue being a caring loving boyfriend while attempting to avenge his father’s death. Lastly, by pretending to be mentally disturbed, it provided Hamlet with an excuse for any sinful deeds he would commit on his pursuit of revenge. Hamlet exemplifies this conception as he seeks for Laertes forgiveness for murdering his father Polonius: â€Å"If Hamlet from himself be ta’en away, / And when he’s not himself does wrong Laertes, / Then Hamlet does it not, Hamlet denies it. / Who does it then? His madness...† (5.2.230-33). Hamlet’s pursuit of the truth and revenge was much better accompanied by madness rather than sanity which gave Hamlet a clear motive to fabricate insanity in the play. In the midst of Hamlet’s supposed madness, the prince continues to speak rationally with certain indiv iduals as well as maintain sensible and logical thoughts. This idea is depicted through his conversations with his good friend Horatio who is assisting Hamlet in his search for the truth behind Old Hamlet’s death. For example, before theShow MoreRelatedHamlet’s Madness1895 Words   |  8 Pages The tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is about Hamlet going insane and reveals his madness through his actions and dialogue. Hamlet remains one of the most discussed literary characters of all time. This is most likely due to the complex nature of Hamlet as a character. In one scene, Hamlet appears happy, and then he is angry in another and melancholy in the next. Hamlet’s madness is a result of his father’s death which was supposedly by the hands of his uncle, Claudius. He has also discoveredRead MoreHamlets Madness Essay1147 Words   |  5 Pagesplay Hamlet parallels this quote as it portrays his character caught in a mental battle as a result of his mad ness. When left alone to his thoughts, Hamlet contemplates decisions to the point of obsession, leading him into isolation. He can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality in turn motivating his impulsive behavior and stripping him of his integrity. Shakespeare has Hamlet feign madness however, as a result of his father’s murder, the obsession to plot revenge on Claudius, and the neglectedRead MoreHamlet’s Madness in Craft Essay868 Words   |  4 PagesIn Act I, Scene V, after hearing the ghost’s demand for revenge, Hamlet says in advance that he will consciously feign madness while seeking the opportune moment to kill Claudius. Therefore, it is hard to conclude that he coincidentally became insane after making such a vow. Hamlet’s supposed madness not only becomes his way of relating to the other characters during the majority of the play, but also that which develops his character as throughout the play. Still, the question remains: Is HamletRead Mor e Hamlet’s Madness in Craft Essay887 Words   |  4 PagesIn Act I, Scene V, after hearing the ghost’s demand for revenge, Hamlet says in advance that he will consciously feign madness while seeking the opportune moment to kill Claudius. Therefore, it is hard to conclude that he coincidentally became insane after making such a vow. Hamlet’s supposed madness becomes his primary way of interacting with the other characters during most of the play, in addition to being a major device that Shakespeare uses to develop his character. Still, the question remains:Read MoreHamlets Madness: Feigned or Real Essay556 Words   |  3 PagesShakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, with its recurring question: â€Å"Is Hamlet’s madness feigned or real?† This question can only be answered through the portrayal of his character when he is associated with the other characters in the play. In Shakespeare’s play Prince Hamlet pretends to insane or mad, in order to thwart and baffle those who prevent him in his quest for revenge. Hamlet poses a viable threat to Claudius throne whether sane or insane, and Hamlets supposed insanity provides justification for detrimentalRead MoreHamlets Madness in William Shakespeares Hamlet Essay937 Words   |  4 PagesHamlets Madness in William Shakespeares Hamlet At any given moment during the play, the most accurate assessment of Hamlets state of mind probably lies somewhere between sanity and insanity. Hamlet certainly displays a high degree of mania and instability throughout much of the play, but his madness is perhaps too purposeful and pointed for us to conclude that he actually loses his mind. His language is erratic and wild, but beneath his mad-sounding words oftenRead MoreHamlet Madness In Hamlet1293 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst thing that most teachers or professors point out is the argument/idea of sanity, specifically Hamlets sanity. I believe that Hamlet is, in fact, feigning his madness. What I do not know is if I believe this because it is what I was taught or if I came up with the idea myself based on my own interpretation. When I was taught Hamlet there was no argument it was just fact that he was faking his madness. Because of my confusion, I came to find that it may be interesting take out of the play any momentRead More Ophelia in William Shakespeares Hamlet Essay2759 Words   |  12 PagesOphelia in William Shakespeares Hamlet â€Å"Follow her close, give her good watch, I pray you† (IV.5.73). Ostensibly, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the riddling, enigmatic, inscrutable theatrical character par excellence. His motives, madness, conflicting morals and existential struggles are ambiguous to say the least. When analysing his character, Laertes and Fortinbras are often brought in as examples of less extreme characters dealing with similar but more tangible dilemmas. The idea thatRead MoreDear Friend Hamlet Essay947 Words   |  4 Pageshave been witness to your misery, triumph, and madness. I’m unable to tell if it was all an antic disposition? Or if were you really as insane as ‘the sea and the wind,’ both contending to be mightier in the storm? (4.1.7-8). I’ve come to the realisation that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears. A series of lies and manipulation have unravelled before my very eyes, ending in blood shed. Blood that is on my hands as much as it is on Hamlet’s. As his closest confidant, our bond was knittedRead MoreEssay on Hamlets Antic Disposition1487 Words   |  6 PagesHamlets Antic Disposition      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In William Shakespeares famous tragedy Hamlet, the main character of the story is one majestically elaborated, aside from being quite complex. There are infinite volumes written about this character because Shakespeare leaves no firm proof of many of his character traits. Yet on Hamlets antic disposition, meaning his obviously absurd temperament or madness, Shakespeare leaves plenty of reason to believe that it is feigned, meaning that it is simply a ploy

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The Union Of The Rite Aid Chain - 944 Words

Alex Grass founded the Rite Aid chain in Scranton, Pennsylvania in September 1962 as a health and beauty store, originally called Thrift D Discount Center. Grass was an attorney and came into retailing on accident. Grass grew up in a family that struggled with money throughout their lives. He grew up during the Depression, so his family went through a lot of tough times. Grass attended The University of Florida Law School and then went on to marry into a wealthy family. Soon he went to work for his father-in-laws grocery distribution company where he served as chairman and chief executive officer. As Grass was working for this company, he noticed the scarcity of health and beauty stores so he decided to open his first store specializing in†¦show more content†¦During this same year, Rite Aid gained pharmacy benefits manager PCS Health Systems. In 2007, Rite Aid merged with with Brooks Eckerd Pharmacy and added over 1,500 stores. In 2015, it obtained pharmacy benefits manager Envision Pharmaceutical Services for around two billion dollars. Rite-Aid has an extensive history of store expansions. Throughout the first ten years of store openings, Rite Aid had expanded to two-hundred and sixty-seven locations over a span of ten states. In 1983, the company received one billion dollars in sales. In 1987, Rite Aid gained Gray Drugs, which increased their store locations to four hundred twenty across eleven states. Eventually, Rite Aid would become the biggest drugstore chain within the United States, with over two thousand stores total. Rite Aid continued to grow after that, once again increasing how many stores they had to around four thousand after several more acquisitions. Some of theses acquisitions included Read’s Drug Store, Hook’s Drug store, Lane Drug store, Harco, and Perry Drug Store (which had two hundred twenty four stores), and Thrifty PayLess (which had a total of one thousand stores). The Thrifty PayLess acquisition included the Bi-Mart membership discount store chain, which Rite Aid ended up sel ling in 1998 gaining more profits. Rite Aid has been around for many years and has accumulated many strengths,Show MoreRelatedSame Sex Marriage (Debate Paper)4727 Words   |  19 Pagesby pagan religions, particularly sects of the Mother Goddess Cybele (imported from Asia Minor). The bride is a transvestite only for the duration of this ceremony, for in a deeply religious sense he has temporarily become the goddess at these holy rites. Many ancient writers, such as  Strabo and Athenaeus, wrote that the  Gauls or Celts  commonly practiced homosexuality. Aristotle wrote that the Celts â€Å"openly held in honor passionate friendship between males.† Diodorus Siculus wrote thatRead MoreCvs: the Web Strategy2712 Words   |  11 PagesMarketing Channels WRITTEN GROUP CASE ASSIGNMENT CVS: The Web Strategy This case is about CVS, one of the biggest drugstore chains in the US. The Harvard case study was made between 1999 and 2001, while CVS was facing the major challenge of acquiring and relaunching it as, in order to respond to the new trend of web-based drugstores like and Planet Rx. Our report will summarize the evaluation and analysis of the firm’s existing distribution channel at the timeRead MoreWalgreens Essay2126 Words   |  9 PagesHistory [edit] Company history A typical Walgreens Pharmacy. The Walgreens chain began in 1901, with a drug store on the corner of Bowen Ave and Cottage Grove, Chicago, Illinois, United States owned by Galesburg native Charles R. Walgreen, Sr.[6] By 1915, there were five Walgreen drugstores. He added several improvements to the stores such as soda fountains and luncheon service. He also began to make his own line of drug products and was then able to control the quality of the items and sellRead MoreFactors That Influence The Stability Of A Society1799 Words   |  8 PagesThe global economic chain twists more and more tightly. A country s economic development depends more and more from the global economics. In addition to the national interests, the common regional interests and global interests significantly increased in this worldwide society, Interests integration is beneficial to the improvement of relations between countries. What’s more, coordination and cooperation between countries becomes much more frequent than before. Diffe rent union appears constantlyRead MoreEssay on Cvs Case Study5064 Words   |  21 Pagesbusiness partner Ralph Hoagland in Lowell, Massachusetts. CVS began the operation of its first stores with pharmacy departments in 1967, opening locations in Warwick and Cumberland, Rhode Island. In 1984, CVS/pharmacy became the 15th largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. with 408 stores and $414 million in sales. With growing success CVS decided to acquire a web based startup company,, the first major online pharmacy, for $30 million in stock. The web site, soon rebranded, enabled customersRead MoreIntroduction to the World of Retailing4882 Words   |  20 PagesComprehension 6. (p. 7) A(n) ______________ is a set of firms that make and deliver a given set of goods and services to the ultimate consumer. A. supply chain B. buying network C. trade association D. integrated wholesale network Difficulty: Easy Type: Definition 7. (p. 7) A retailer s role in a supply chain is to: A. act as the liaison between manufacturers and wholesalers B. buy merchandise exclusively from the manufacturers C. negotiate with manufacturers to eliminateRead MoreCountry Notebook for South Korea7606 Words   |  31 Pageswhile a Communist-style government was installed in the north (the DPRK). During the Korean War (1950-53), US troops and | UN forces fought alongside soldiers from the ROK to defend South Korea from DPRK attacks supported by China and the Soviet Union. An armistice was signed in 1953, splitting the peninsula along a demilitarized zone at about the 38th parallel. Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth with per capita income rising to roughly 17 times the level of North Korea. InRead MoreSustainable Solutions11923 Words   |  48 PagesRunning head: SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS 1 Sustainable Solutions Paper Katherine Kem DBA Strategy Dr. Robert Hockin, Instructor February 21, 2010 Running head: SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS Sustainable Solutions Paper Walmart has some of the best supply chain methods in the market, and is working to become an industry leader in sustainability. Despite this, there is much criticism of this ‘giant’, and an in-depth look of their organization from a sustainable lens will review their successes, failures andRead MoreTarget Strategic Audit Essay15491 Words   |  62 Pagessought after. Gregg Steinhafel has been critical to Target’s success in coming out of the recession and strengthening the brand image of â€Å"Expect more, Pay less†, encouraging a culture of innovation and team work as well as implementing strong supply chain initiatives. B. Top Management Gregg Steinhafel (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer) Timothy R. Baer (Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary) joined Target as assistant general counsel in 1994 and wasRead MoreThe Emergence of the Fast Fashion Business Model and Imposed Quick Response Challenges for Chinese Fabric Manufacturers14773 Words   |  60 Pagesthe turn of the twenty-ï ¬ rst century into a business approach characterized by fresh fashions, shorter life cycles, and faster production, placing signiï ¬ cant pressure for rapid delivery, quality products, and low prices for each segment of the supply chain in a highly competitive environment. Manufacturers must utilize dynamic capabilities to maximize their competitive advantages in their production strategies, business models, and activities toward achieving retailers’ fast fashion requirements. The

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Baguio City Places of Interest Free Essays

Baguio City is home to many tourist spots and is a getaway of those living not only in Metro Manila, nearby lowlands but the entire Philippine populace. Established as the Summer Capital of the Philippines in 1903, Baguio City is the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines. Baguio City is blessed with a cool climate. We will write a custom essay sample on Baguio City Places of Interest or any similar topic only for you Order Now It averages 20C or 68F which is around eight degrees lower than those of the lowlands including Manila. This alone, is enough reason to drive people from nearby and far away cities and provinces to go up to Baguio. That’s why even though it’s my fifth time to go in Baguio I’m still excited when our instructor finally told us that our 2-day educational tour will be in Baguio. Because still it’s my first time to go there not to do fundraising activity but to have fun and learning. Mention Baguio City, first few thoughts that came to my mind are pine trees, cool temperature, fresh vegetables, cultural and historical variety. So though I’m really sleepy because we departed early in the morning I can’t sleep because my classmate were so noisy and it’s a six-hour ride that’s why I find ways to enjoy myself while were travelling. While travelling I can really justify how creative our Almighty God is. Baguio is a city in a high altitude, a plateau that we can have a good view of the surrounding scenery. As our van went higher up however, we came upon a zigzag road, and I couldn’t help but pray that we may arrive safely. More than the fear however, is the excitement of the place that we will go through. My adventure in Baguio is one that I shall never forget. That’s why I’m recollecting now the pieces that are still vivid in my memory. Our first stop was Lion’s head were it was located on the way to Baguio. We only took pictures there, and then we immediately went back to the van. Our second stop was The Philippine Military Academy – the national training school for future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. We also have few minutes there that’s why we directly took pictures then go! Next stop was Mines View Park where a spectacular panorama awaits us. The stunning creation around is overwhelming and for tourist’s to get a closer look of the vicinity, they can rent binoculars. But for us†¦ hmmm†¦ anyway we took pictures wearing Igorot clothes. And also Baguio souvenir items and other local products are available near the view deck. So after we took pictures since the time was too short we went back to the van then go! Then we went to the so called ‘Malacanang of the North† – The Mansion at Baguio Wright Park. It is used as the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. Entry to the com pound is restricted. So we only view the Mansion through its gate which is patterned after that of London’s Buckingham Palace. Then again without wasting time we took pictures then we go! We had our lunch at SM Baguio. After that we precede to the Bell Church- a Chinese temple. One of the adorable and memorable spots in Baguio City for me was the Bell Church. This temple provides a peaceful, serene and refreshing atmosphere to Chinese people who want to meditate and reflect on their spiritual lives. In addition, the site has attractive features that reflect the history and culture of Chinese people. Baguio Bell Church has two well-crafted dragon structures at its entrance. It also features a wishing pond where I throw coins as I say my wishes because they said it will really happen. Also at the entrance of the temple is a Taoist leader who predicts future events. Then after taking pictures, we immediately went back to the van and go! Our next stop was strawberry farm. If a delightful dessert ends a sumptuous meal, the sweetest way to conclude a Baguio trip is through strawberry picking! This is a fun activity for everyone but unfortunately we didn’t do it due to the bad weather. So instead of picking we only bought strawberries and since there were also some souvenirs like key chains we also bought as our â€Å"pasalubong†. And it’s really amazing because this province was once recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for baking the largest strawberry cake. Ooppss!  It’s not yet done. Our last destination was Burnham Park. This place was my favorite, I really enjoy and I’m not worrying or thinking about time. So when our teacher gave us three hours to do what we want, together with my classmate I do boating and I can say that I really-really enjoy though it’s embarrassing because we don’t know how to move the boat, still I will treasure this moment. After boating, we rode bike and again with the cool climate and good scenery, I enjoy biking. The view was really good – tall pine trees, color flowers – and the air was so fresh I really wished I could take it back home! After we had dinner in SM Baguio, we go back in La Union. So in second day we did food raising for our food at the beach. I can say that swimming there was refreshing where it wash out for a while my worries and problems. So while others were cooking, we were playing. So in that time I can say that Sophies (sophomores) were really united†¦.. hehehehehe†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Though there were lots of circumstances or problems that came during our educational tour, I was still happy because we did some fun, had learning to share and the most important was that were complete when we return in IPLC. While travelling as I watched the creation of GOD and counted once more the many blessings God has given me, things I often took for granted, things many people like me ignore. Everyday, the world seems to tell us so many things we should grieve about. There were so many reasons why we should not be happy. But why dwell on these things? If the world asks us why we should be happy, let us ask the world, â€Å"Why not? † How to cite Baguio City Places of Interest, Essay examples

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Competing loyalties in Sports Medicine Free-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.In the preparation of a strategy for the region, the Actuate Identified that the approach must be publicized and not sport, or technical led. What does this mean? Why would a public led strategy work for motor racing? 2.In the light of your understanding of a strategic sports management process. What kind of Competitive Strategy has been adopted by the FIA and by the ACTUATE? 3.In order to understand where growth can come from in a strategy, the sport manager must analyze its product offering. SANZAR have two distinct products, the tri-nations and the super rugby competitions. Describe each of the products in the portfolio in terms of their potential market share and growth opportunities. 4.For SANZAR the idea of expanding the franchises into American and Canada has also been a consideration. What are the opportunities and threats that exist for super rugby when entering the North America Market? 5.Continued expansion may dilute the competition. Can you suggest reasons why this might happen to SANZAR? Answers: 1.By working on publicizing the motor sport in the Middle east. The entity was looking at ways that the sport can be looked at as a form of entertainment and being able to attract revenue all around the world. As was realized by the two entities, motorsport is one of the highly viewed sport in the middle east(Hoye, et al., 2005). The sport is becoming more popular, this calls for the need to attract international interest in the sport. If this is done well, the motor sport can be used to attract revenue in the middle east and also promote the middle east nations as tourist destinations(O'Connor, 2011). The middle east has some of the best formula one race circuits in the world which means that the gulf is going to be one of the most significant places in the motorsport industry. motorsport is thus one of the most successful businesses that the nations in the middle east can invest in, this is because the countries comprise of a population of more than 175 million, making it one of th e most attractive places to publicize the sport as entertainment, as a sport and as a business venture(Foley, et al., 2012). 2.For the entities to be able to compete in a global world, several strategies have been put in place to publicize motorsport in the middle east. The competitive strategies used by the organisation include: ensuring that the government provides financial, material and logistics support which is very important for the future of motorsport initiatives that are driven technically and fan driven. There is also efforts in developing the grassroots motor sports, which is one of the main focus for the entity and other national authorities in the region(Foley, et al., 2012). The entity also invests a lot in research and development to monitor the progress of the sport in the region and follow some of the emerging trends in spectatorship and participation. Other areas that have been put in consideration include expansion of motorsport clubs that are done by staging some of the national and international events in the region. The entity also encourages the participation of local drivers, sports managers and volunteers in most if their events. This ensures that the sport becomes more popular among the locals who will be responsible in expanding the need for more people to join in the sport. Having ensured that the countries have some of the best circuits in the world, ensures that there are world motorsports events held every years(Hoye, et al., 2005). The entity also collaborates with international media to ensure that the sport is aired on live television among other partnerships with companies and advertising clients. 3.The tri-nations portfolio comprises of three countries; South Africa, Australia and New Zealand which is the most financially successful rugby union competition from the southern hemisphere. The tri-nations product was invented so as to govern the to govern the competition more professionally and maintain independence from other individual rugby union associations of the rest of the nations. This was more of an expansion strategy in the region. The super rugby on the hand is a separate product from the original competition of the three nations. The super rugby consist of 12 competing teams(Meiklejohn, et al., 2016). This is different from tri-nations which focusses on the countries and not the teams. The super rugby organizes events based on 12 franchised teams from the three countries. Here it is the national rugby unions that serve as the governing agency, however the franchised teams each have their own popularity. 4.One of the opportunities that SANZAR has in expanding to the new markets in America and Canada is that the countries have been attraction for rugby meaning they are able to compete in the super rugby with different possibilities. On the field of competitiveness, the two countries present teams that can compete favorably in the super rugby events. In this regard, the union is able to increase popularity for the event and add on revenue collected for the teams. This is because of a strong commercial program that comes with expansion through broadcasting and other commercial functions which will support teams and drive more revenue and the SANZAR organisation(Hull, 2013). The most possible threat for the union is that there is bound to be political interference with the expansion of the sport. One of the reason this can happen is that the countries like Canada already have their own unions that run country events. This means that if SANZAR is to expand then they will have to run their operations under this jurisdiction. North America could also consider linking up with Argentina in terms of operational sport to form their own games and reject the SANZAR offer. There is bound to be conflict of interest with the IRB which run international events due to fight for revenue and viewership in Northern America 5.One of the reasons expansion might dilute completion for the sport is that the sport may not be able to attract as it is doing in the three nations. Having to expand to other nations will mean rugby fans may prefer to watch international events and focus less in the popularly formed three nations event. In the end , the tri-nations or super rugby events may not attract payment as it currently doing. Second tier competitions are usually difficult when it comes to attracting revenue necessary to cover for rugby logistics. This means that the super rugby events will only be successful if they are maintained as they are(Anderson Jackson, 2013). References Anderson, L. Jackson, S., 2013. Competing loyalties in sports medicine: Threats to medical professionalism in elite, commercial sport. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 48(2), pp. 238-256. Foley, M., McGillivray, D. McPherson, G., 2012. Policy pragmatism: Qatar and the global events circuit. International Journal of Event and Festival Management, 3(1), pp. 101-115. Hoye, R., Smith, A. C., Nicholson, M. Stewart, B., 2005. Sports Management: Principles and Applications. 4 ed. New York: Routledge. Hull, J., 2013. Exclusive: SANZAR CEO Greg Peters Talks Super Rugby Expansion. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 2 April 2017]. Meiklejohn, T., Dickson, G. Ferkins, L., 2016. The formation of interorganisational cliques in New Zealand rugby. Sport Management Review, 19(3), pp. 266-278. O'Connor, 2011. Sport Consumers in the Middle East: Motorsport in the UAE. CHOREGIA, 7(1), pp. 76-94.

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Tele Education Essays (7724 words) - Distance Education,

Tele Education 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of Tele-education Tele-education has a long history beginning with systems like that for teaching children in Australian Outback, the British Open University and other such organizations. These built on the idea of correspondence courses where course materials are sent periodically by post and augmented the experience with broadcasts either on radio or on TV. The problem of student isolation was addressed partially through techniques such as telephone access or two-way radio links with teachers. At the end of 1980s, the vest majority of distance education throughout the worlds was still primarily print-based. Technologies used for distance education are evolving from primarily ?one-way' technologies and applications such as computer aided learning, computer based training and computer aided instruction, to more ?two-way' technologies and applications such as computer mediated communications and computer conferencing systems for education. The significance of ?two-way' technologies is that they allow foe interaction between participant and tutors, and perhaps even more significantly amongst participant themselves. This development has allowed and in some senses force researches to look more closely at the impact of educational environment, on the students learning experience. In the future, it is expected that the telecommunications-based technologies to become the primary means of delivery of distance teaching. The reasons for this are as follows: a much wider range of technologies are becoming more accessible to potential distance education participants the costs of technological delivery are dropping dramatically the technology is becoming easier to use for both tutors and learners the technology is becoming more powerful pedagogically education centers will find it increasingly difficult to resist the political and social pressures of the technological imperatives. 1.2 The Emergence of Tele-education Radical changes in the computing infrastructure, spurred by multimedia computing and communication, will do more than extend the educational system, that is revolutionize it. Technological advances will make classrooms mush more accessible and effective. Today, classroom education dominates instruction from elementary school to graduate school. This method has remained popular for a very long time and will probably persist as the most common mode of education. However, classroom education has its problems, that is the effectiveness decline with increase in the number of students per class. Other pressures affect the instructors, many of whom are not experts in the material they must teach, are not good ?performers' in class, or simply are not interested in teaching. The biggest limitation of the classroom instruction is that a class meets at a particular time in a particular place. This essentially requires all students and the instructors to collect in one spot for their specified period. But with the emerging technology, these problems can be overcome. 1.3 Reasons for studying Tele-education The current Tele-education systems that have been applied in some countries are generally of multipoint transmission technique. It is found that, this kind of transmission technique having several problems or defects. Mostly, problems raised during the application of the system. One of the significant problems raised is that, for the multipoint transmission, the signals or information transmitted by the sender do not completely received by the receiver. This problem is might be due to error that occurs during the transmission of the signals or information. Another problem is lag of transmission. For this case, the signals or information transmitted do not arrive at all the receiver at the same time, for example, the question raised by the lecturer might not received by the students at the same time and this is not a good environment for Tele-education system. Some receiver receives the signals earlier than the others and some later or even not receives at all. Therefore, it is important to study the Tele-education technology from time to time to overcome these problems so that the Tele-education system could provide a more effective way of learning environment. In order to have a lecture from, for example, a very famous professor from other country would require him to come at our place. But the amount of money spent for paying him to give lecture would be very expensive and this also would cause troublesome for him. However, this problem can be solved with Tele-education system in which the professor does not need to go anywhere else to give his lecture. This would save a lot of expenses and time. Another reason is that, in normal classes the learning process would not be very effective if the number of students in a class is very big. This is because the lecturer alone can not coordinate such a large class. With Tele-education system, one lecturer could deliver

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Don Quxiote Essays - Spanish Films, Chivalry, Don Quixote

Don Quxiote Essays - Spanish Films, Chivalry, Don Quixote Don Quxiote Don Quixote: Renaissance humor with a modern translation A Spanish knight, about fifty years of age, gave himself up so entirely to reading the romances of chivalry, that in the end they turned his brain, and nothing would satisfy him but that he must ride abroad on his old horse, armed with spear and helmet, a knight-errant, to encounter all adventures, and to redress the innumerable wrongs of the world. As is the case in this epic tale by Cervantes, modern man is not immune to prolonged sustained suggestion. All irony criticizes the imperfect ideas and theories of mankind, not by substituting for them other ideas and other theories, less imperfect, but by placing the facts of life, in mute comment, alongside of the theories. To be put in a more tangible sense, after addressing a subject matter over a sustained period of time one is apt to view them selves in the same light as the character of which they are enamored by. It plagues the news as high school children take arms and seek vengeance inside schools today. As the Scapegoat they place the blame on television, violent movies, and video games. Theorists and psychologists say that the harsh and abrasive nature of movies like the Matrix and Rambo are absorbed into the maturing mind of adolescence and are seen as fact. As is the case in Don Quixote where our chivalric hero takes arms after reading one to many romance novels. Every one sees the irony of Don Quixote, and enjoys it in its more obvious forms. This absurd old gentleman, who tries to put his antiquated ideas into action in a busy, selfish, prosy world, is a figure of fun even to the meanest intelligence. But, with more thought, there comes a check to our frivolity. Is it possible that the criticism is double-edged, and that what we are celebrating with our laughter is the failure of the world? But, Don Quixote, it may be objected, is mad. Here the irony of Cervantes finds a deeper level. Don Quixote is a high-minded idealist, who sees all things by the light of his own lofty preconceptions. He shapes his behavior in accordance with the ideas genuine chivalric behavior, and is laughed at for his pains. Much like how out of the norm children are chastised and ridiculed for their absence from normality. The discernable difference between Don Quixote and the Students from high school shootings is that Don Quixote was infatuated with antiquated goodness.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

MPH503 - Infertility and Public Health Module 5 - SLP Essay

MPH503 - Infertility and Public Health Module 5 - SLP - Essay Example The classroom contains 20 care giving professionals with different socio –economic backgrounds. Participants have different IQ level and motor sensory skills Because of this the presentation of the class should satisfy all the participants. External environment provides immense help for the participants and the use of audio visual facilities make the more appreciative. Discussion method is suited for this context and this give the opportunity to share personal views. Lecturing and video conferencing are essential strategies in this context. Paper presentation is another instructional strategy in this context because the subject requires examples and statistical data. Case study reports are essential tool in this study and participants should presents case study reports about the persons who suffered with infertility problem. The following instructional tools are useful; The workshop begins with a brief and effective introduction and this help the listeners to enter the topic easily. Then the performer analyses the topic infertility and its causes and gender differences. After the introduction performer presents various research reports and documents about the topic. Then he invites participants for open discussion. The use of LCD projector and internet are very useful in this second face of the workshop. Presentation of the case study reports helps the participants more about social, religious, family issues related with infertility. The third face of the work shop includes discussion about various topics such as Causes of infertility, psychological and physiological impacts, possible treatments, public concepts about infertility treatments and gender difference in infertility. Researches often mentioned the fact that many people have suffered with infertility and its social impacts. Most of the physicians and health professionals argued that infertility is one of the